Exhibition info


Nov 2,3,4 Leerdam Glas&keramic Kunstbuers


GLass for ever- Beeldend glas van nu
in het Gorcums Museum in Gorinchem
Simsca Cho, Rachel Daeng Ngalle, Wouter Bolangier, Marinke van Zandwijk, Katrin Maurer, Nataliya Vladichko, Yvon Trossel, Krista Israel, Xandra Bremers en Sebastiaan Coppens.
begint op zaterdag 21 oktober en loopt t/m half maart 2018 

Kunstbeurs aan de Westeinderplassen 2017

Presentation of 10 project
5th edition

Zaterdag 16 september 
11.00 ~22.00 uur

Zondag 17 september 
11.00 ~ 18.00 uur


5 N
ov-5 Fev 2017

"Inspired by Animals" A&D gallery in Antwerp

19 -31 Oct
International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa2016
at Shiinoki cultural complex, 2-1-1 Hirosaka,Kanazawa
Ishikawa, Japan
---Tourung exhibition 26Nov-29 Jan 2017
---Notojima Glass Art Museum, 125-10 Notojima-koda,Nanao,Ishikawa, Japan

GlassTec in germany organized by Gallery Marisca Dirkx

2 Sep-
Glass exhibition in Roermond organized by Gallery Marisca Dirkx
11de Biennale internationale glaskunst Roermond
11th Biennial international glass art Roermond
3 september tot 9 oktober, 2016
September 3 till October 9, 2016
Open za en zo 13-17 uur / Open Sa en Su 13-17 hours
Swalmerstraat 100, Roermond (NL)


Human Image , a group show at A&D Gellery, Antwerp

presentation of 4th Simsa Cho production work, at Leerdam glass fair


6th Dec(Saturday) opening 5pm
27th Aniversary show
Braggiotti Gallery
Singel 424, 1016 AK Amsterdam

*26th July/ 5th October
Glasmuseum, Immenhausen Germany

"Glas der Niederlandeg

*2nd / 24th Ougust

Interart  25years anniversary exhibition
presenting New work.from 2014.


*12th /14th September

Kunst Glasbueas 2014 Leerdam
I will show shoerealism work(7works) at stand 25 Berenschtzaal


_ _


27 Octorber
_______Shoe exhibition "At Every Turn"

_____Museum Villa Rot, Schlossweg 2, D/88483 Burgrieden-Rot

.............Braggiotti Gallery "Aniversary show2013"

13,14,15 September,
...........................3rd prodaction work "Pray(will)"

April 27, 18:00-22:30
............4th .Symphony of Peace Prayers in Amsterdam

a slide show of SOPP 2012 Amsterdam

Dec- eind Jan 2013 Braggiottie Gallery in Amsterdam
see "Preview"
March 28-29 Sep

......"Step into the limelight" shoe exhibition
................Grassimuseum fur Angewandte Kunst

Dec- eind Jan 2013 Braggiottie Gallery in Amsterdam

On Sunday 21-28 Oct Eindhoven Design week

at Location 2: Heuvel Galerie(in center Shopping mall)
........................................showing many glass installations including my work
at Location 1: Art Company (gallery) group glass exhibition 

14th July - 7th Oct ----"Human Image"-----

AD Gallery& Consultancy

           Grote koraalberg 17

              B-2000 Antwerp


14th July - Oct "De Werld van GlasBlazer"
--Fort Asperen (Undergrand)

19th May 18:00- 22:00
Symphony of Peace Prayers 2012 Amsterdam(3rd Annual)


The main concern of SOPP is to bring together different forms of religious peace prayer as well as approaches to the subject by music & visual art, in order to create compassion among them. Goal is: to experience all different forms of prayer and to be invited into each others ritual. By sharing this experience, we search out our common vision for the future. We are all individuals, and we need to understand our specific mission in life, which is: creating peace on earth. SOPP is one step on that path, creating a place (moment ) of peace, and connecting cities and countries on the same day world wide:
see program on above site.

26,27,28 May -

I will show new works of my shoe series.And I will be sure tobe there on Saturday 26th May.

30th June -17th Sep ---gDe wereld van de glasblazerh

-------------at Fort Vuren: http://www.wff.nl

This will be an installation exhibition by many artists, all invited artists get each space at fort, and have an opportunity to use a facility of glass blowing at Leerdam ,glasblazerij de Oude Horn en het Nationaal Glasmuseum.

9th June- 8th Oct--- International Glass Prize
-------------at GlazenHuis | Dorp 14b - B-3920 Lommel - Belgie

-----------visit above-mentioned site and you could vote for your choice of Public prize
-----------click "your vote"icvon. you can vote between 10 April--3July 2012

14th July-7th Oct ------Human Image
--------------at A&D gallery ,Antwerpen


15th Sep----29 Oct,opening zondag 18 sep13.00 en 17.00
-------"Visie op Glas " http://www.aventurijnglasgalerie.n

21st Sep,
at Maaten Luther Kerk(Dintelstraat 134,near president Kennedylaan)

International Peace Day
 (12 hours of meditational moments)

19:00  Opening speech (Shinji Kasema /Simsa Cho)

19:10  Peace related rituals of the Lutheran tradition (Andreas Wohle)

19:35  Byakko IN (Shinji Kasema /Simsa Cho)

20:00  Integral Yoga (Marieke Westerveld)

20:50 Solo recorder concert (Ayumi Matsuda).

21:00 OM Healing (Rita Maria)

22:00 Performance (Simsa Cho) (for everybody to join)

22:45 Video art (Stella Siu Lie Ang)

23:00 Sokagakkai Japanese Buddhism(Stella Siu Lie Ang & Ann Ferrara)

23:40 Solo recorder concert (Ayumi Matsuda).

24:00  Flag ceremony

01:00  Universal Peace Dance (Paul Henneman)

2:00   Breathing yoga (Jennie Akse)

4:00  Meditation on Twin Hearts , Pranic Healing(Rekha Joshi)

5:00~6:00 Sacred Dance (Fea Carbaat)

7:00 Closing speech (Andreas Wohle)

after 7:00am we have a breackfast together at church.
ps: If you can bring you own towel for yoga.

Leerdam Glasbuers ,stand No.7
2nd productionwork of Studio Simsa Cho will be presented


29th May on Sunday having an Opening
2person(Simsa Cho & Xandre Paijmans)show
at Gallerie Aventurijn


MedusaBoys & Fis-shy man (photo: Erik van den Boom)

SpaceRabbits & Fis-shy men (poto: Erik van den Boom)

22th May on Sunday at MLK(Dintelstraat 134,near RAI,Amsterdam)
Of Peace Prayers in Amsterdam
--------Experience diffrents lerigious Peace rituals,
---------Performing Flag Celemony,
---------Art Performance
---------Music Concerts

30th January

-At openingday(30th) from 14:30; we show a performance
----------"a space of compassion 2"

Director &Energy tuning: Simsa Cho     Glass Artist , practicing Byakko(world peace prayer)
------------   Dancer: Makiko Ito   a project leader of gWonderlandh
-------------- Dancer:
Goran Turnsek      www.gturn.net 
  Music:  Ayumi  Matsuda    a member of recorder trioh Black Intentionh,

A comcept of performance

Exhibition Tour Schedule for "GlassWear"

May 2010 North Carolina ,USA
2 Oct 09- 3 January2010 Mobil Museum of Art, Mobile,AL,
13July-20Sep 09 Museum of Art &Design, New York
18April - 28June09 memorial Atr Gallery, University of Rochester, NY
Art museum of South Texas, Corpus Christie


24 April--Sep : Glass Juwelly, Kentuky Museum of Art &Craft ,USA

21,22,23 May -- OPEN ATORIE Prinsen Eilanden --- adress:Prinsen eiland 89-1
--22 May , we present you a new performance"A place of Compassion"
--------------------Direct, dans, meditation: Simsa Cho
-----------------------------------Music: Ayumi Matuda
----------------------------------- Dans: Miri Lee

12 June 15:00- 18:30: Maarten Luther Kerk(near RAI, Amsterdam)
------- "Symphony of Compassion" Directed by Simsa Cho & Andreas Wohle, at MLK

---------Experience diffrents lerigious rituals,
---------Performing Flag Celemony,
---------Art Performance
---------Music Concerts
------- 19:00- next morning 5:00
-------- "Full night MLK" music concert& meditation

7 Sep : Heel de mens start 20:00 at MLK(Dintelstraat 134,near RAI,Amsterdam)
--------- rectuer , demonstoreation , experience ,and discusion about "healing". What is it, ?
--------- How can we do it? What does it do to us? and etc..invite 4 panelers and this event will
--------- kick start to seek your own answre for it..
--4 panelers:
---------- Dr. Andreas Wohle(Maarten Luther Kerk),
---------- Rekha Joshi(pranic healing)
----------- Rita-Maria(OM-healing),
----------- Simsa Cho(Artist &Byakko representer)
--Simsa's Glass Art work will present as well and It will shown till 22nd Sep at MLK

10,11,12 Sep: Glas kunst burs in Leerdam
-------the first Studio Simsa Cho production work will be presented

11 Sep: Old Luther Kerk (Spui, Amsterdam)
-------- a part of memorial activity, we give an art event(music, dans,video, art )

21Sep 22:00--22 Sep 22:00: Maarten Luther Kerk (near RAI)
International Peace day 24hours meditation
-------------conbination of peace prayer from diffrent lerigious, Flag Ceremony, dans,
-------------performance, concert


7 November
Grand opening of GalerieAgni in Maastrichit, Performance at Opening and exhibition.
Miri Lee(Dance), Ayumi Matuda(recorder)and Simsa Cho(dance &Purification)
The opening taking place at Hotel Maastricht Crown Plaza , Start 16:00
Galerie Agni: Rechtstraat 27a, 6221EG Maastricht. www.mishaignis.com 

29 October, 12 ,26november ," West-oostelijke Divan"

The first night will be 29th Oct. 

The second night will be 12 Nov,
this night the conversations will be part of a wider program regarding the "Charter for compassion"       http://charterforcompassion.org/act/events/P20/

The third night will be 26 Nov.

*Start 20:00, entry: through Handboogstraat 6 (near Spui)

I would like to invite you to " West-oostelijke Divan".This is talk/conversation program is lead by Andreas Wohle and me. Audiences can join in as well.
Andreas is a Lutheran priest, affiliated with the Oude Lutherse Kerk in the center of Amsterdam.

Among other tasks he organizes as well MuziekEnKunstInMLK, a multi-facetted program of encounter and cohesion at MLK (the Maarten Luther Kerk) in the Amsterdam gRivierenbuurth (near RAI). 

This March we had a concert&performance (3000+1) at MLK, since then, Andreas and I had different conversations on seeking common understanding between Christian (Lutheran) and Buddhist (peace prayer) perspectives.
After a while we realized that we often shared special moments and content worth thinking and listening. We have kept warm contact ever since.
With this program of gWest-oostelijke Divanh, we would like to share our understanding and insights and have "the warm contact" with more people.
For me it is a great chance to talk to a priest so openly, and Andreas does not hide or fake his feelings or thought either. We have been able to share answers and perspectives from our souls.

Our conversations wants to create more common bridges between differing believes and concepts.
"Talking" is one way to get to know each other better. "Sharing a same feeling" is another important factor to understand each other.

We hope to be able to create a sense of gshared feelingh during these 3 nights of conversation by shearing a common understanding among us from individual points of view. 

Also I will install one of "3000+1" screens.  http://simsacho.com/jpinstallation.html
On March this year, we did 5nights of meditation in front of 3screens as well as a performance. It was an experiment with regard to the question: "Can glass resonate and amplify meditation energy?"

This time it will resonate with talking energy. It is more general than a meditational kind of energy. Therefore I am curious how it will be. 

It will take place in one of the rooms of the Oude Lutherse Kerk

29 August
at Flora and Fauna Festival in Den Haag

3person show
(Menno Jonker,Winnie Teschmacher, Simsa Cho)
Ernsting Stiftung
Coesfeld, Germany

Rietveld Academie Amsterdam 1969-2009


3000+1 & A concert from Black Intention
at Maarten Luther Kerk, in Amsterdam
5 meditation nights with 3000+1installation

(18, 25 Feb & 4, 18, 25 March 20:00 on Wednesday)

Sarajevo winter Festival, 9 dragon heads(internationl art exhibition)


10 Oct 14:00, and 20:00
A performance"3000+1"on Jan van Munster's public art
at Gorinhem

16 Aug- Sep:
"Glass Hart" Group Installation Exhibition at Fort Vuren,Gorinhem,NL
-----I will set up an installatio and make a performance at opening
-----with doncer&musician

19July-10Aug :
-----de lustrum-tentoonstelling, de Avinturijn

June -October:
-----"GlassWear" Glazen Huis, Lommel, Belgie

May :
-----"a tast of one man" Design Museum, Gent, Belgie

April-June :
----- "Human Image" A&D Gallery in Antwerp

March-May :
----- "GlassWear"opened at Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim
--- -in Germany

Feb :
----- Japanese week at Mediamatic showed an instalation &

Jan-June :
----- "Collectors" Glazen huis , Lommel Belgie