Cho Simsa
趙 心史



Artist Name     : Simsa  Cho
Official Name   : Shinji  Kasema
Address           : Fagelstraat 74, 1052 GG, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Telephone/Fax : +31 20 6880241
E-mail address : shinjikasema**を@に変えてお送りください)
Place of birth    : Chiba, Japan
Nationality        : Japanese
Date of Birth    : 20 December 1962


1986-1989 : Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (diploma June 1989)
1982-1986 : Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan (diploma April 1986)


Oct 2016 selected for International Glass prize Kanazawa Japan
April 2015:

Won a monney prize , International Glass Prize edition 2 , Glazenhuis Lommel Belgium

April 2013

selected for International Glass Prize edition 1, Glazenhuis Lommel ,Belgium

January 1998 Scholarship awarded by the Dutch Foundation for Art, Design
and Architecture. (basis stipendium)
July 1994 Scholarship awarded by the Dutch Foundation for Art, Design
and Architecture. (basis stipendium)
June 1991

Scholarship awarded by the Dutch Foundation for Art, Design
and Architecture. (start stipendium)

January 1990 Scholarship awarded by the Dutch Foundation for Art, Design
and Architecture. (start stipendium)



Sep 2015 Glas Kunst Buers in Leerdam
----the 4th Studio Simsa Cho production work presentation
Sep 2013 Glas Kunst Buers in Leerdam
----the 3rd Studio Simsa Cho production work presentation
9,10,11 sep 2011 Glas Kunst Buers in Leerdam
----the 2nd Studio Simsa Cho production work presentation
10,11,12 Sep 2010 Glas kunst burs in Leerdam
----the first Studio Simsa Cho production work will be presented
21,22,23 May 2010 OPEN ATORIE Prinsen Eilanden --- adress:Prinsen eiland 89-1.
Performance is 22nd May
March 2009 3000+1project at Maarten Luther Kerk in Amsterdam,
March 2005 Sauna installation in Zaanstad
May 2002 Shoerealism visit other shoemaker, Shoe shop show-window show
Amsterdam, Jan Jansen, Freelance
Nov 2001 Braggiotti Gallery, Amsterdam
Sep 1999 Agni Fine Art Gallery, Den Haag
Sep 1998

Leerdam Glass Beurs. I designed the annual object for this
exhibition, which was the 10th anniversary of the Glas Beurs in Leerdam. 

May 1997 Art Fair in the RAI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Oct 1996 Show Case exhibition, Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem, The Netherlands.
Sep 1995 Glass Art Fair, Leerdam, The Netherlands
April 1995 Gooijer Fine Art, Doesburg, The Netherlands.
April 1994 Gooijer Fine Art, Doesburg, The Netherlands.
April 1990 ‘Simsa Cho’, Gallery Sdrang, Dordrecht, The Netherlands.
May 1988 ‘Shoerealism’ Glass shoe exhibition in Gallery Jolly, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Feb 2017
International Glass prize Kanazawa Japan
Nov 2016 Inspaired by Animal A&D gellery Antwerp
Oct 2016 GlassTec in germany organized by Gallery Marisca Dirkx
sep 2016 Glass exhibition in Roermond organized by Gallery Marisca Dirkx
July 2015 Human Image , A&D gellery Antwerp
April 2015 International Glass Prize edition2,   Glazenhuis  Belgium
July 2014

 Glas der Niederlande,Dutch Glass Art , Glasmuseum, Immenhausen Germany

Octber 2013

  Shoe exhibition "At Every Turn"
Museum Villa Rot, Schlossweg 2, D/88483 Burgrieden-Rot, Germany

March 2013

“Step into the limelight” shoe exhibition
 Grassimuseum fur Angewandte Kunst , Leipzig  Germany

April 2013 International Glass Prize edition1,   Glazenhuis  Belgium
Dec 2012 Aniversaly Exhibition at Braggiotti Gallery Amsterdam
Oct 2012 Design week Eindhoven
July 2012 Installation exhibition "De Werld van Glas Blazer" Fort Asperen
11 Sep 2011 Performance"Present ,Absent" Oude Luther Kerk -Amsterdam
29 May 2011 Two person show"One to More ,More to One" Aventurijn in Epe NL
8 April 2011 Mounts Bay Contemporary ------Penzance UK
30 Jan 2011 Gallary Sous terre ----Aalsmeer
21 Sep 2010 21Sep 22:00--22 Sep 22:00: Maarten Luther Kerk (near RAI)
-------International Peace day 24hours meditation
11 Sep 2010 Old Luther Kerk (Spui, Amsterdam)
-------- a part of memorial activity, we give an art event(music, dans,video, art )
12 June 2010 15:00- 18:30: Maarten Luther Kerk(near RAI, Amsterdam)
"Symphony of Compassion" --Directed by Simsa Cho & Andreas Wohle,
May-Sep 2010 "GlassWear" North Carolina ,USA
April-Sep 2010 Glass Juwelly, Kentuky Museum of Art &Craft ,USA
Nov 2009 New Gallery Opening "Agni Fine Art"in Marstricht, performance & exhibition
Aug 2009 Flora&Fauna Festival 5, Quatair, in Den Haag, 3000+1performance& installation
July 2009 "GlassWear" Museum of Art&Design in New York, USA
April 2009* 3person show at Ernsting Stiftung, in Germany
March 2009 Glas(s)Rietveld Academie 1969-2009 Gemeente Museum Den Haag
11march 2009 3000+1&a concert at Maarten luther Kerk in Amsterdam
Feb 2009 Sarajevo winter festival, 9 Draon Heads
Oct 2008 Performance on Jan van Munster's pubulic art at Gorinhem
Aug 2008 Installation&performance at Fort Vulen in Gorimhem
June2008 "GlassWear"at Glazen Huis, ,Contemporary Glass Center,Lommel, Belginm
April 2008 "Human image"A&D gallery , Antwerp
March2008 "Glass Wear", at Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim in Germany
Feb 2008 Presenting an Installation & showed a performance at Mediamatic in Amstredam
Jan 2008 "Collectors" Glazen Huis ,Contemporary Glass Center, Lommel, Belgium
Nov 2007 Galerie Z in Nijmegen
Nov 2007 "Glass Wear" ,international Glass-Jewellery exhibition at Toledo Museum in Ohio, USA
oct 2007 Braggiotti Gallery."Aniversary20year". in Amsterdam
Sep 2007 2person show at De Aventurijn in Epe
July 2007 Glass Hart installation work at Fort Vulen in Gorimhem
Dec 2006 “portrait”  Braggiotty Gallery Amsterdam
Sep 2006 “Human image”    A&D gallery Antwerp
Aug 2006 ” New Guard&Young Fellows Dutch glass” van der Togt museum    Amstelveen
July 2006 installation work  at Fort Vulen  Gorimhem
Nov 2005 Braggiotti Gallery  Amsterdam
July 2005 Galerie Z Nijmegen
Aug 2004 Glass 04 city museum in Roermond
July 2004 Dutch Glass Art city museum in Bratislava, Slovakia
April 2004 City Art Library in Den Haag
May 2002 33years at Rietveld  Arti et Amicitiae Amsterdam
May 2002 Gemeentarchief Amsterdam
Aug 2001 :International Glass Symposium in Hungary
June 2001 Glass outside installation ,Horn
May 2000

‘Glass, an obstinate choice’, Museum of Decorative Art and Design, Ghent, Belgium

July 1998 Summer Exhibition, Glass Museum, Lette Germany
July 1998 International Glass Symposium, Bratislavia, Slovakia
June 1998 Jean-Claude Chapelotte Gallery, Luxembourg.
Sep 1997 ‘Une Saison Hollandaise’ in Musee-Atelier du Verre, Sars-Poteries, France
June 1997 ‘Young Glass’, Ebeltoft Glass Museum, Denmark
March1997 ‘Contrasts in Glass’, Gorcum Museum, Gorinchem, The Netherlands
Nov 1996 Ernsting Foundation, Lette, Germany
May 1995 Torch Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
March1995 'Narcissus and Glass' in Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem,The Netherlands
March1992 Gallery Den Haag, The Hague, The Netherlands.
May 1991 ‘The Climate’ Museum for Contemporary Art, Utrecht, The Netherlands
March1991 ‘Emotions Japan’, De Oude Kerk (The Old Church), Amsterdam, The Netherlands
July 1990 ‘East Meets West’, Sonsbeek International Art Centre, Arnhem, The Netherlands.
June 1989 The Rietveld Academy Graduation exhibition, in the RAI, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Nov 1987 ‘KAMAE’, South London Art Gallery, London, England.
May 1986 Two-person exhibition in Gallery Futaba, Tokyo, Japan.

may 2015 Anauncement of winner of Internernational Glass prize edition 2, New Glass , German glass magazine
April 2015 Catalogue : International Glass prize edition 2
Fev 2015 A review on A chinese magazine "Vision"
April 2013 Catalogue : International Glass Prize
June2008 poster, invitation for "GlassWear"exhibition at Glazen Huis, Belgium
Nov 2007 Catalogue produced for "GalssWear"
Augt 2006 Catalogue produced for “New guard &young fellows"
March 2005 North Holland news paper front cover, Sauna installation
Aug 2004 Dutch News paper review of “Glas 04” use of my works photo
March 2002 This Side Up, glass magazine
Novr 2001

Glas huis, German glass magazine, front page and a review of outside
Installation at Horn in The Netherlands

Sep 2001 Glas/Bulletin Choice of 15 Artists 15year anniversary,  The Netherlands
Sep 2000

Catalogue produced for International Glass Symposium 1999, Bratislava, Slovakia

Sep 1997 Catalogue produced for ‘Une Saison Hollandaise’ exhibition in Sars-Poteries, France.
June 1997 Catalogue produced for ‘Young Glass’ exhibition in Ebeltoft, Denmark
Nov 1996 Catalogue produced for opening of the Ernsting Foundation, a private museum for contemporary glass, in Lette, Germany
Nov 1996 ‘New Glass’, Germany.
May 1996 'Kunstwerk', The Netherlands.
March1994 'Glas en Ceramiek', The Netherlands.
March1991 'Avenue' magazine, The Netherlands.
Aug 1989 'NRC' newspaper, The Netherlands.